Bragg makes interesting admission on guns

The Gotham Gazette reports on the candidates running for Manhattan District Attorney.

Democratic nominee Alvin Bragg makes this interesting admission:

“… Bragg spoke about taking a nuanced approach to prosecuting gun crimes, citing certain instances of illegal possession where individuals should not be prosecuted. “My dad had a gun when I was young. It was unlawful, but it was to protect our home. I had him turn it in when he was 65. He was not a public safety risk. My position [on gun prosecution] are nuanced. They are born out of real experiences, both in the courtroom and personal that marry fairness and public safety,” Bragg said …”

While it falls well short of a full endorsement, this is the most 2A positive statement I can ever recall seeing from a NYC-area Democrat candidate running for any office.

2 thoughts on “Bragg makes interesting admission on guns

  1. So rule of law, including our rights or anybody else’s, means nothing to him. It is what ever he feels like at the moment.

  2. This is the first time I have seen a black NYC Democrat acknowledge having a gun for self defense. If you look at the others in the legislature they are the ones pushing gun control.

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