Primary opponent for Brian Kavanagh

As I have harped on for years, the only realistic way to impact urban Democrats is during the primaries. One of biggest antis in Albany, Brian Kavanagh, will be in a primary against self-declared socialist Alana Sivin:

“Alana Sivin, a socialist lawyer and advocate for criminal justice reform, is planning to challenge Democratic state Sen. Brian Kavanagh for reelection in 2022 – a year that could once again see many New York City incumbents in the state Legislature facing opponents from the left … Sivin argued that Kavanagh doesn’t do enough to fight for marginalized people, pointing to his 2020 vote to roll back bail reform … Sivin also said that Kavanagh doesn’t support legislation to increase taxes on the wealthy …”

A cursory investigation reveals no gun-related statements from Sivin.  I am not expecting anything 2A positive to come from her or her campaign either.

That being said gun activists need to be involved in the primary, even if it is just to give a middle finger to the incumbent for screwing them over.  Sitting by and doing nothing is a proven failed political strategy.

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