Sliwa is as worthless as Adams

Curtis Sliwa made his reputation as founder of the Guardian Angels. I don’t recall him ever talking about gun control. Had he remained quiet he would have offered something of an alternative to Eric Adams in the race for Mayor of New York.

He didn’t:

“… Sliwa said the way to act now is if the city expands the sentence for criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, otherwise known as a Class D Violent Felony, from 3.5 years to 7 years. Sliwa had previously blamed lawmakers in Albany for not having foresight in making certain legislative decisions …”

This is the same crap that Mayor Bloomberg pushed for, doubling the penalty for “illegal” possession of a firearm. It had no effect on public safety.  Gun charges are often the first to be tossed from real thugs caught behaving badly, while otherwise decent people who run afoul of the Sullivan Act get screwed because of them.  There is no justification for this.