Serino and Martucci vote in favor of ghost guns bills

The Daily Freeman reports:

“Two Republican state senators in the Mid-Hudson Valley joined Democrats this week in supporting two bills that sponsors say could reduce gun violence. But Sue Serino, R-Hyde Park, and Mike Martucci, R-New Hampton, voted against other gun-related measures that came before legislators, along with the rest of the region’s GOP delegation. The Legislature passed a package of anti-gun violence bills on Tuesday ranging from a ban on possession of “ghost” guns that lack serial numbers to a ban on the purchase of a weapon by anyone facing an outstanding arrest warrant for a felony or serious offense. The measures next go to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Both Serino and Martucci voted in favor of those two bills but opposed legislation allowing the New York attorney general to sue gun manufacturers in certain scenarios …”

Serino and Martucci with their room temperature IQs are too stupid to realize there’s nothing to be gained by voting for any gun control legislation.  This is especially true for the bills in question S-13A and S-14A because Brooklyn Senator Jabari Brisport voted against both bills both times they came up.  Clearly he isn’t concerned about any blowback for his votes so why should Serino and Martucci be?