2A activists can learn from this

Newsday reports, “WFP says GOP, Conservatives trying to raid its ballot lines“:

“The liberal Working Families Party says it’s being raided by former Republicans and Conservatives who switched their enrollment this year to the minor party and then submitted petitions to run primaries against WFP candidates, according to a Newsday review … “The NY GOP is engaged in a coordinated attack on the Working Families Party,” said Sharon Cromwell, deputy director of the state WFP. “They know they can’t win on the issues so are resorting to dirty tactics to confuse voters and steal elections. We should expect better from our political parties than underhanded attempts to thwart the democratic process.” …”

This is exactly the sort of thing 2A activists should be doing, especially with Democrats in urban areas where they outnumber other parties 4x or more. Two big races coming up are Democrat primaries for NYC Mayor and Manhattan D.A. The only realistic way for 2A supporters to have any influence is to either passively support or actively oppose one or more of the candidates in next month’s primaries. Sitting by and doing nothing is the reason Democrats are willing to advance a gun control agenda in Albany. The only thing that matters to them (and Republicans) is who participates in their candidate selection and election process. You are either helping them or hurting them. Not participating does neither so they don’t care.

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