Fudd speaks on banning lead hunting ammo

A Fudd speaks:

“… Both houses of the state legislature have introduced bills that would ban the use of lead ammunition for hunting, whether it be limited to state land, or for the taking of wildlife across the board … Current bills on the table in Albany would prohibit the use of lead ammunition in the taking of wildlife on state-owned land and on land contributing surface water to the New York city water supply, to an outright prohibition on the use of lead ammo in the taking of wildlife in the state, whether on private of public land … The general consensus among shooters seems to be that if the issue is cost alone, then you probably will reach for lead. If you start weighing the likelihood of lead being banned at some point, then you can start considering a number of alternatives, some more, some less costly, but all usually more expensive than lead. The good news is that performance should not be an issue …”

When this passes (probably this year), he and a lot of other Fudds are going to be really unhappy.

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