Everytown lobbying update

Even though access to the LOB/CAP is limited due to COVID restrictions, Everytown’s lobbyists at Ostroff Associates have been busy pushing the agenda.

In addition to lobbying on “executive budget provisions”, which I assume are appropriations geared towards handouts to antigun legislators cronies back home, they have been working on the following bills with a multitude of electeds and staff:

  • A-614/S-14, Enacts the “Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act.”
  • A-2666/S-13, Enacts the “Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act” in relation to unfinished frames or receivers.
  • A-5505/S-1049, Relates to the “Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Act.”
  • S-1048, Relates to the dangers to the safety and health of the public caused by the sale, manufacturing, importing and marketing of firearms.
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One thought on “Everytown lobbying update

  1. These corrupticrats have no shame in violating the rights and freedoms of WE the People. DMH

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