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I am seeing a bunch of postings from people on various antigun bills which have been reintroduced in Albany. IMHO the posters are more interested in soliciting funds for their organizations than in legitimately generating opposition to the gun control agenda in New York.

What is going on now is the reintroduction of bills for the current 2021-22 legislative session. Most bills from the previous session are renumbered and automatically reintroduced at the start of a new two year session. Just because a bill has been reintroduced does not imply action will be taken on it or even that there is new interest in it. Trying to get people worked up over this is not helpful to the 2A cause. Activism is a finite resource and wasting it fringe issues that won’t come up means it is less likely to be directed in areas where it might make a difference.

Knowing this, out of all the crap bills out there, how can we tell which are the most likely to see activity this session?

Based upon my experience here are the clues to look for:

  1. Electeds have been talking up the issue.  For example, “ghost guns” bills A-2666/S-13 and A-613/S-14.
  2. Bills that have been voted on it past sessions.  Examples include mandatory storage A-1180, restrictive commercial practices A-837, and .50 cal prohibition S-2892.
  3. Lobbyists are actively working the issue in the LOB/CAP.

If you receive “alerts” full of hyperbole combined with solicitations for cash, think carefully before you donate.  Make sure your money is going to be spent wisely.

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