Mayoral candidates talk guns

The Central Brooklyn Political Action Association held an online forum with the current crop of announced Democrat candidates for Mayor.

On the issue of guns two participants made statements of note: former HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams:

“… Donovan said “we need a mayor who’s going to lead a national coalition of mayors against the gun industry” and that “if we can cut the supply of guns, we can dramatically change this situation.” …”

He’s just regurgitating the old MAIG line. Boring.

“… “I’ve dedicated my life to the issue of gun violence,” Adams said, adding he “would reinstitute the [NYPD] crime prevention unit, which would…target the specific shooters.” He also said “we need a tristate approach to stop the flow of guns to this city.” …”

Adams has a long history of promoting gun control schemes going back to his time in the Senate. The last nonsense he was pushing was smart guns/smart holsters.  Do not what exactly he’s talking about now, but I’m sure it is more of the same failed ideas.

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