Campaign notes

Assorted reports on political campaigns where guns are mentioned.

Meet The Candidate: Jones For Congress In NY17:

“New Yorkers will choose their representatives to Congress Nov. 3 in the 2020 general election … Mondaire Jones is the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s 17th Congressional District … As long as our democracy remains rigged, real change — health care for everyone, environmental reforms, gun safety legislation, dismantling systemic racism, and strengthening reproductive justice — will remain out of reach. It’s time to take our democracy back from billionaires and special interests, and I am ready to lead that fight …”

Christine Pellegrino, 4th Senatorial District:

“… She will seek gun control measures that would stop criminals, terrorists and domestic abusers from easy access to firearms …”

Serino-Smythe race for NY Senate seat is rematch of 2018 election:

Republican state Sen. Sue Serino and Democrat Karen Smythe are squaring off in a rematch of the 2018 election in New York’s 41st Senate District … Serino, on her website, says her priorities are: reducing taxes, creating jobs, “standing up for taxpayers,” fighting the heroin epidemic, repealing the New York gun-control legislation known as the SAFE Act, combating Lyme disease, urban revitalization, and “restoring faith in government.” ….. Serino said the SAFE Act, enacted in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, is “stripping law-abiding citizens of the rights that our founders and veterans fought to protect,” and she called for improved mental health services and “getting guns from criminals.” …”

Smythe v. Serino: NY’s 41st Senate district candidates on the issues:

“… Smythe supports the work of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and various other groups advocating for gun control measures. She believes that “protecting our kids from gun violence should not be a controversial or partisan issue” and claims that Serino continues to block “all” gun safety measures. Serino has co-sponsored legislation to repeal the 2013 SAFE Act, which the New York State Legislature passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to increase penalties for illegal gun use and insists that the state should be focusing on mental health-related prevention. Serino also voted against S.8121, which ensures that convicted domestic abusers do not have access to firearms. In her most recent term, she opposed bills increasing penalties for improper gun storage, prohibiting firearms on school campuses and establishing 30-day waiting periods, while also voting to prohibit both bump stocks and 3D printed firearms and establish a firearm buyback program …”

Candidate Profile: Steve Stern For New York Assembly District 10:

“Election Day is right around the corner, and voters will choose between incumbent Democratic state Assemblyman Steve Stern and Republican challenger Jamie Silvestri in the general election Nov. 3 … “During my tenure in the Assembly, I have worked hard to: … Pass legislative initiatives that keep guns out of the wrong hands, secure our schools and keep our children and teachers safe …” …”

Candidate Profile: Burdick For New York State Assembly:

“Residents of northern and central Westchester will choose a new state Assembly representative Nov. 3 in the 2020 general election … Democrat Chris Burdick is seeking election to the State Assembly in District 93. His opponent, John Nuculovic, is running on the Republican and Conservative party lines … NYS currently has the most progressive state legislature in its history, and over the last year-and-a-half has achieved so much. However, there is still much more we can do on issues such as the environment, social justice, infrastructure and educational funding, health care, gun violence, and women’s rights …”

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