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I have long advocated gun owners be involved in Democrat party politics, particularly in NYC.  This article in the Post offers some insight:

“… [Socialists aim] to exploit the large number of City Council seats open in the 2021 elections (at least 35 of the 51 seats) by having DSA-compliant candidates win the low-turnout Democratic primaries — and so have long odds of winning the general in the Dem-supermajority town. If the socialists can win enough primary races, they figure, even Democrats who didn’t embrace their radical agenda will fear to oppose it, lest they lose the next time out … The silver lining in all this is that it will force the non-insane wing of the Democratic Party to finally stop appeasing the far left with ever-more-crime-friendly policies and other corrosive nonsense …”

Replace “socialists” with “2A activists” and you have a roadmap towards a gun rights reformation in the state.  It does not require having solid pro-gun candidates.  Make a choice in Democrat primaries, even if it is “When in doubt, throw the incumbent out”, so that being openly antigun costs even a few of them their jobs, and slowly move them all away from the gun control agenda.

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