Next gun control push in Albany begins

Now that the Republican’s phony display of support for 2A is over, it is gun control advocates turn.  On Monday the Senate Codes Committee will take up and advance the following bills:

  • S-7762, Enacts the “Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act.”
  • S-7763, Enacts the “Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act.”

As there is no opposition to this, both bills will be passed on by the Senate, possibly as early as Friday. From there they will move on to the Assembly where there is also no opposition. As the scheduled legislative calendar went out the window months ago, I do not know when exactly they will get around to taking them up.

The Codes meeting starts at 1:00pm and will be live streamed off the Senate homepage.

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One thought on “Next gun control push in Albany begins

  1. So all this crap is in the name of the governments “good faith interest in public safety”. Along with the “good faith interest in public safety” that is effected by eradication of police powers (and ultimately eradication of ALL police), NO jail for violent offenders, even after assault with atrocious injury, and attempted murder of a police officer, angry rampaging mobs of thugs, acting with impunity, funded and organized by Soros and his cabal (And everybody knows it!) But the problem is those old white Republicans who like guns. It is they who are the menace, and we must punish them!
    Does this piss you off? (Rhetorical question.) It should.

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