Primary results

Following up to my post stating there are only limited opportunities to impact elections comes the results of yesterday’s primaries.  Big win/lose in Westchester Congressional and District Attorney races:

Assembly District 34
Vote AGAINST incumbent Michael DenDekker – SUCCESS. DenDekker comes in 2nd in 4-way primary.

Assembly District 50
Vote AGAINST incumbent Joseph Lentol – FAILED.

Assembly District 51
Vote AGAINST incumbent Felix Ortiz – FAILED. Ortiz wins in 4-way primary with 38.7% of the vote.

Assembly District 108
Vote AGAINST incumbent John McDonald – FAILED.

Assembly District 138
Vote AGAINST incumbent Harry Bronson – FAILED.

Senate District 12
Vote AGAINST incumbent Michael Gianaris – FAILED.

Senate District 38 – Open Seat
Vote AGAINST candidate Elijah Reichlin-Melnick – FAILED.

Congressional District 16
Vote AGAINST incumbent Congressman Eliot Engel – SUCCESS. Engel comes in 2nd in 5-way primary.

Congressional District 17

Go down the list in order:

SUCCESS. All candidates listed above lost.

Albany County District Attorney
Vote AGAINST incumbent David Soares – FAILED.

Westchester County District Attorney
Vote AGAINST challenger Mimi Rocah – FAILED.

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