Haven’t forgotten about it

One of the provisions of the so-called SAFE Act is background checks for ammunition buyers.

This provision has never gone into effect because NICS cannot be used and a new system would have to be created from scratch. That has not happened because the records do not exist in a form which can easily be imported into a searchable database.

In case anyone thought our politicians would simply let the matter drop there’s this:

New York Attorney General Letitia James, as part of a coalition of 16 attorneys general, is fighting to ensure states have the right to use various means to protect their residents from gun violence. In an amicus brief filed in support of the State of California in Rhode v. Becerra, Attorney General James and the coalition defend a California law that requires gun dealers to conduct background checks prior to all ammunition sales, and that also requires all ammunition sales to occur face-to-face, among other requirements. The coalition argues that states have the right to enact reasonable firearm restrictions that protect public safety and reduce the prevalence of gun violence in their states …”