Phillips on SCOTUS decision

While Republican “leaders” like Nick Langworthy have been silent about it, the Rome Sentinel printed George Phillips’ remarks on the recent SCOTUS decision in their weekly campaign roundup:

“Republican congressional candidate George Phillips took aim at the U.S. Supreme Court’s “moot” ruling on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York, a law that prevented gun owners from taking their weapons from home to shooting ranges, saying the court should have explored issues raised in it even though the city later withdrew the specific restriction. The majority of the court declared the gun owners challenge moot and did not address the original law on its merits. “The fact that the United States Supreme Court failed to fully consider this case and decide in favor of clear Constitutional Second Amendment rights is simply appalling,” Phillips said in a statement. “I agreed with the dissent of Justice Alito who said considering whether or not New York City’s rule is a violation of 2nd Amendment rights is ‘not a close call.’” …”

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