Stand Your Ground legislation introduced

“Stand Your Ground” legislation has been introduced to the Senate as S-7915.

From The Justification statement:

“The Second Amendment is designed for protective use by the people of the United States of America. Currently, New York statute states that the only place where the duty of retreating is removed is their own dwelling. This bill seeks to expand the places where lawful firearm owners can protect themselves and others.”

This isn’t exactly correct.  New York has a strong affirmative defense clause which basically protects individuals using force in self-defense anywhere.  Unlike other states where SYG was passed it hasn’t been an issue in New York because of this.

The bill was drafted by the newly formed New York State Firearms Association which is looking to establish itself in the state.

There’s nothing wrong with the bill itself.  The problems are institutional:

  • It’s a Republican-only bill, meaning it’s DOA.  Republicans won’t push for it and Democrats won’t go near it.
  • It’s an “upstate” bill, meaning it’s DOA without any buy in from “downstate” where the vast majority of residents live.
  • Antigun Republicans will sign on to it in an attempt to hide their true record on the issue.  Notice that John Flanagan is co-sponsor.

David DiPietro will be introducing an Assembly companion soon.

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3 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground legislation introduced

  1. The Majority conference will not allow any significant bills from the Minority conference to come up for a vote. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. It has been this way for decades. For any bill to be taken seriously, it must be sponsored by Democrats and have support from the members in/around NYC.

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