GOA letter regarding Fulton, Montgomery 2A Sanctuaries

GOA has done next to nothing in New York, but they did send out this press statement in response to two local sheriffs expressing their opposition to making their counties “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.”

GOA letter

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2 thoughts on “GOA letter regarding Fulton, Montgomery 2A Sanctuaries

  1. With regards to GOA not doing anything in NY, what has NRA done for NY? And forgive my ignorance on the matter.

  2. Over the last 20 years GOA made one campaign contribution to a Republican Congressional primary challenger ~15 years ago and I want to say they were a plaintiff in a lawsuit in WNY. That’s about it. They generally don’t get involved in state local issues.

    As for NRA their primary problems are they don’t want to deal with Democrats and don’t spend their resources effectively.

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