Tannerite bill to Governor

A-4452/S-1456, Prohibits the storage, use, or purchase of the explosive Tannerite or similar products sold under a different name without the proper license, has been sent to Governor Cuomo for signing. No word as to when he will do that.

The fee for such a license to be set at a minimum of $50 per year.

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5 thoughts on “Tannerite bill to Governor

  1. Oh, I’m sure this will stop LOTS of crime! I’m so glad they’ve got all the other problems solved like the high cost of health care, drug addiction, and the states debt!

  2. Another Law without a problem, another Licenses, another Governmental hurdle to jump through for a product that’s been around for decades without issue. Cuomo and the rest of the Duplicitous Democrats will get nothing but truthful distain and derision from me.

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