How to obtain a NYC pistol license

I’ve seen so many stories like this over the years and such shameless corruption doesn’t get old:

“The director of a state lawmakers’ charity that has failed to give out scholarships to needy minority students is a Brooklyn political “fixer” who allegedly used her close ties to Mayor de Blasio to obtain gun permits with the NYPD’s corrupt licensing division. Brooklyn realtor Charlene Gayle is the executive director of the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, a nonprofit that puts on an annual “Caucus Weekend” — a lavish series of parties and networking events — in Albany, but has failed to hand out education grants for the last two years despite that being its stated charitable mission. Sources described Gayle as a “go-to” Democratic political fundraiser in the borough, who was retained by the Orthodox Jewish community to expedite gun permits with the NYPD. Former NYPD Lt. Paul Dean, who is serving an 18-month sentence for failing to stop a bribery scheme that allowed well-connected New Yorkers obtain gun licenses quickly, told the FBI about a businesswoman close to de Blasio who regularly obtained VIP treatment at 1 Police Plaza for her clients, according to papers filed by Dean’s lawyer in Manhattan Federal Court as part of Dean’s bribery trial. While Gayle is not named in the court documents, a source close to the investigation confirmed she is the unnamed businesswoman …”

As always Cash is King.

God bless Tammany Hall.

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