Cuomo proposes more gun control for State of the State

Governor Cuomo announced his plans to unveil yet another gun control proposal during his State of the State Address:

“People convicted of serious misdemeanor crimes in other states should not be allowed to receive a gun license in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed on Sunday as he began to roll out his 2020 agenda. The proposal would cover people convicted of misdemeanors in other states that are deemed to be “serious offenses” like domestic violence, forcible torching and other sex offenses … The proposal would authorize licensing entities to search for such crimes and deny licenses for those with out-of-state offenses the that apply. It would also prevent renewal of a license if an intervening conviction occurs …”

At first glace this seems to be a bunch of fluff. Being a “may issue” state, licensing agents can already do this if they want to. However, having been around long enough I know better than to make such an assumption. We’re going to have to wait until the program bill is introduced to see exactly what the Governor is proposing.

The Governor will give his 2020 State of the State on January 8 in Albany. People wanting to attend the SoS can go here between the 20th and 30th to enter their name into a lottery system for tickets.

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