SCOTUS hearing

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in the case of NYSRPA v. City of New York.

Here is the transcript.

This is what I believe the court will do:

On the question of mootness, I believe they will agree with plaintiffs that the case isn’t.  After all, if the case were dropped nothing would prevent the legislature from changing the law back to the way it was before.

On the case itself, I believe they will issue a narrow ruling rule in favor of the plaintiffs, either 5-4 or 5-3 if RBG takes a dirt nap, and it will come near the end of the session next June. It will be something along the lines of you can transport your legal firearms from point A to point B.

On the level of scrutiny, the decision will not address the issue, although Justices Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito may go to town on it in their written opinions.

As for both the clown council and state legislature they simply don’t care.  Albany politicians have made it clear they intend to move forward with even more gun control when the legislature returns to session next month.  If any law is struck down as unconstitutional they will simply rewrite it to do the same thing as before.

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