SD-57 special election candidate position statements

There will be a special election on November 5 to fill the vacant SD-57 seat. The candidates are Republican Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello and Democrat Austin Morgan.

The Salamanca Press has brief position 2A statements from both of them:

“… Asked about the SAFE Act, Borrello said he supports outright repeal. “It is a horrible government overreach. Every single Democrat voted for it. I stood up for gun rights.” Morgan said that a Republican-controlled Senate passed the SAFE Act. Majority Leader John Flanagan, who supported Borello to the tune of $63,000, voted for the SAFE Act. There are some provisions that should be revised, he added …”

Both candidates are correct, but points go to Morgan for correctly pointing out Flanagan and the Senate Republicans are the ones who allowed the bill to be voted on.

Borrello does not have anything gun related on his campaign website.  Morgan’s has this:

Gun Rights – Fixing and cleaning up the SAFE Act, cutting red tape, protecting rights of home-defenders and hunters alike, common sense safety.

Whenever you see the words “common sense” in connection to any discussion on 2A it means more gun control.

So what do we have?

Partisan B.S. from Borrello and a strong indication Morgan will go along with whatever antigun legislation comes up for a vote.