Jacobson’s body armor bills

The Fray reports:

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson has introduced two bills in response to the recent mass shooting in Dayton that would forbid anyone other than a law enforcement officer from owning a bullet-proof vest and make it a separate crime for a civilian to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing any other offense. “Unless you are actively working in law enforcement or in a handful of occupations, there is no legitimate reason to purchase or own a bullet-proof vest,” Jacobson, a City of Newburgh Democrat, said in a statment. “Bullet-proof vests are necessary to protect those whose professions put them at risk of injury. Otherwise, bullet-proof vests are used by those hoping to protect themselves while committing crimes.” …”

That’s just nonsense.

Bills in question are A-8538 and A-8539.

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One thought on “Jacobson’s body armor bills

  1. I am surprised he did not add politicians to the list of those deemed worthy of wearing protection. They really want to reinforce the notion that we are all sheep with zero rights to the tools to protect ourselves. No guns. No body armor. Pretty soon calling for help will be illegal too.

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