Overplayed their hand

The Daily News writes:

“Democrats in New York and around the country pounced on President Trump and Republicans for their inaction on gun violence as the nation reels from the 25th mass shooting this year. “They’ll send thoughts and prayers to Odessa and Midland. Like they did after El Paso,” Mayor de Blasio tweeted. “They’ll stall and wait out the anger. Like they do every time. We have to BREAK the cycle. We need leaders to LEAD. Mitch McConnell: Bring the Senate back to pass commonsense gun control NOW.” … Gov. Cuomo was exasperated as well, demanding in a terse statement, “Mr. President: DO SOMETHING. “How many more families will lose loved ones, how many more communities will be torn apart?” he said. “How many more tragedies will it take before “leaders” act? The bloodshed must end now …”

Attempting to shame the Trump might be more effective were it not for the fact that Democrats, especially these two, have been dumping on him constantly about every little thing. Trump simply has nothing to gain by kowtowing to their hysterics and as Politico notes:

“Following Saturday’s shootings in West Texas, President Donald Trump on Sunday remained firm that his “administration is committed to working with Congress to stop the menace of mass attacks” but did not include universal background checks as part of the solution this time …”

Why should he? Aside from the fact that they don’t work and are unenforceable does anyone really believe that if Trump took De Blasio’s/Cuomo’s advice either one of them would praise him in public, let alone endorse him for re-election? Of course not. Republicans, especially New York Republicans could learn a lot from this.

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