Gillibrand: Buybacks ‘the biggest tool in your toolbox’

Jump to the 4:11 mark:

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One thought on “Gillibrand: Buybacks ‘the biggest tool in your toolbox’

  1. She’s a moron. The biggest tool in the toolbox is bringing morality, discipline, and responsibility for one’s own actions back to the forefront, and that STARTS with parents. Parents these days are content to let electronic games babysit their kids, and THEY are not doing their duty as parents. A society that gives out “participation trophies”, for fear of hurting their fragile egos and continue to say, “it wasn’t your fault”, are the same ones who say “Oh, no, not MY Johnny”, or, “he’s just a child”, and continue to protect them from themselves, is a society doomed to extinction. Parents should be teaching that there are winners and losers, and only the winners get the trophy. They also need to teach personal responsibility for everything they do. Praise them when they do good things and discipline them when they misbehave. Parents cannot walk away from their own duty. When everybody is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, we won’t suffer people like Gillibrand and her cohorts telling us how we must live and what we can and cannot own, or much of anything else. The government which governs least governs best., and we don’t need a new law for everything that could possibly happen to anyone at any time.

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