Too little, too late from NRA

The Hill reports, “NRA expresses ‘deepest sympathies’ to families and victims of El Paso, Dayton shootings“:

“… The National Rifle Association (NRA) on Sunday expressed its “deepest sympathies” for the victims and their families of the two mass shootings that rocked America over the weekend … “The NRA is committed to the safe and lawful use of firearms by those exercising their Second Amendment freedoms. We will not participate in the politicizing of these tragedies but, as always, we will work in good faith to pursue real solutions that protect us all from people who commit these horrific acts.”…”

NRA’s media department is useless and has been for some time. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to present a positive face to the media and general public.

They should have learned by now that the opposition is not interested in such niceties and will jump at any opportunity to advance their agenda.  By remaining silent for this long, NRA let the antis control the narrative.  GOA was smart enough to respond almost immediately countering the B.S. and promoting reciprocity. NRA should have done the same.

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