State budget gives $70K to gun control advocates

Buried in the state budget Aid to Localities bill A-2003/S-1503D is grant money for gun control advocates.

On Page 13 of the Staff Report on the SFY 2020 Adopted Budget:

Provides an additional $15.3 million in funding from the General Fund to support the following programming: … $70,000 for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Inc.

On a similar note, a privately funded charity which helps rich City residents throw their money away, “The New York Community Trust Grants $4.8 Million to Invest in a Fairer, More Equitable New York“:

“… The Trust is investing $160,000 in the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund to train community members to work with public school students to reduce violence in high-crime neighborhoods …”

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2 thoughts on “State budget gives $70K to gun control advocates

  1. I do not recall any elected state official asking me if I concur. If any of them would have had the decency to ask, I would have said “no”.

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