SAFE comes up in SD-57 GOP primary

The SAFE Act has come up in the 57th Senate District primary for the GOP nomination:

“… The Republican race to elect the next New York state senator in the Southern Tier is starting to resemble an episode of “Family Feud.” A Republican running in a primary next week to succeed retired state Sen. Cathy Young is lashing out at the GOP Senate leader and the Senate GOP Campaign Committee for supporting his opponent in the intra-party contest. Curtis W. Crandall, chairman of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, will face George Borrello, the Chautauqua County executive, in next Tuesday’s Republican primary for the 57th District Senate seat … In a press release on Monday, Crandall said, “It appears to me that [John] Flanagan has handpicked a candidate from the far northwestern corner of the 57th Senate District. Voters in the 57th District will recall that Mr. Flanagan was the main reason Cathy Young left her position as senator, and he was one of the few Republican senators who voted for the SAFE Act, enabling its passage.” …”

Getting rid of Young is one of the few positives of Flanagan’s tenure as Republican leader.  That being said, during his time as Senate President pro tempore he was widely viewed as nothing more than a puppet of Governor Cuomo.  Other than campaign cash from SRCC I don’t see why any Republican candidate would want their name associated with Flanagan.

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One thought on “SAFE comes up in SD-57 GOP primary

  1. This whole state is screwed beyond belief. Simply amazing just how many dumbass people elect such dumbass people…no brains…no sense.

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