“Ghost gun” bill to come up

The Daily News reports that legislation prohibiting so-called “ghost guns” will be taken up by the Senate on Wednesday.

The bill in question is S-1414A which was amended last week and is on 3rd Reading.

The Assembly companion is A-763A and it has been on the calendar since the end of January.

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One thought on ““Ghost gun” bill to come up

  1. This bill says no major components can be undetectable by x-ray. A frame is newly defined as a major component in this bill. It looks like this bill will ban all polymer lowers for compliant AR-15s and maybe even the mere possession of polymer frames for handguns such as glocks. This bill conflates 3-d printed gun components, and 100% and 80% lower AR-15 components. If you make your own gun in NY you will be a felon with this bill. If you assemble a gun with a polymer frame (regardless if it has a proper serial number) you may be a felon too.

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