Everytown lobbyists in Albany

Everytown has retained Ostroff Associates to lobby in Albany for gun control during the 2019-20 session.  Their compensation is $10,000 per month.

Aside from advocating “gun violence prevention” they specifically pushed for A-2684, A-2689 and A-2690 which were all part of the Governor’s gun control package.

5 Responses to “Everytown lobbyists in Albany”

  1. Jenna Tailia Says:

    Fuck you, I hope you all get cancer

  2. Phil McKraken Says:

    Are you going to be coming throughthe door first to confiscate? I really hope you do….But I am sure like all other cowards you will want someone else to do your violence for you.

  3. Jim Says:

    Un-American traitors like these have been run out of the nation, tarred and feathered or otherwise dealt with throughout American history. These people are nothing less than traitors who use “safety” as an excuse to deprive law-abiding Americans of their liberties. Lets see, who else has done that very thing throughout history? Oh yeah, Hitler and every other despot.

  4. Shai Doresai Says:

    Why are you calling yourselves “Everytown”?

    You really should call yourselves Gated Community

  5. Wayne Letterkenny Says:

    I hope you choke on a Puppers.

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