It could be any day

We’re virtually certain to get stuck with a mandatory storage law.

The set up:

From the sponsor:

“Gun owners in New York with children in their homes could soon face a misdemeanor charge if they don’t comply with the state’s safe storage requirements … Initially, the proposal imposed the requirement on all gun owners, but that language was struck from the bill on Thursday due to concerns from legislators, according to Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, a Westchester County Democrat who has sponsored the legislation for more than a decade. The amended language adds a violation with a maximum fine of $250 if a child, who doesn’t live at a residence, is “likely to gain access” to a gun … In light of the changes, Paulin anticipates the legislation is ready to pass both houses of the Legislature. “It could be any day,” she said …”

This crap has been around since the late 90s at least. It has been amended so many times it’s on like version 25. Everyone knows the idea is a stinker.

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