It’s not over

Not surprisingly the gun control bills sailed through both houses of the legislature today.

It is not over:

“The package of gun control measures that state lawmakers are set to approve today and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign won’t be the last of the new Democratic majority in the state Legislature, officials indicated on Tuesday. Lawmakers will approve bills banning the sale and possession of bump stocks, an extension of the waiting period for background checks, block teachers and other school employees from having firearms on school grounds and a “red flag” bill barring the possession of a gun for those deemed to be too dangerous … Lawmakers for now are not taking up other measures that have been proposed over the years, such as the microstamping of bullets, a bill that would bar the printing of 3-D guns and the requirement that guns be stored in a secure location …”

My guess would be they will wait for another atrocity to exploit as an excuse.

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