Attend these events

Returning to the topic of making new friends, there are three upcoming events area gun owners should attend: Sen. Jen Metzger Swearing-in Ceremony on the 2nd, Swearing In Ceremony for Senator-elect Kevin Thomas on the 5th and the Swearing In Ceremony For Jim Gaughran on the 6th.

None of these people were supportive of 2A during the election with Gaughran campaigning on a gun control platform.  Nevertheless, with the Republicans permanently out of power local gun owners will have to have a relationship with them.  As these events are generally only attended by the most politically active these are good opportunities for gun owners to show they are part of that group even though the home team didn’t win this time around. Smile, shake their hand and tell them you’re part of their voting constituency.  This will not stop the crap that is about to rain on us this session, but it could impact what happens after that (and there will be another gun control push after this one.)

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