What we can expect from the Senate Republicans

This article in the Press-Republican gives a good idea how the new minority Republicans in the State Senate are going to behave:

“… [Betty Little] said she is braced for the possibility that Democrats will try to enact stronger gun control laws with initiatives that would likely be seen as burdensome by hunting enthusiasts and other gun owners in her district. “They ought to have more of a focus on (enforcement connected to) people gaining guns illegally,” the senator said, contending that measures that burden lawful gun owners have no public safety value. “The gun laws in New York state are among the strictest in the entire country. They (gun control proponents) really ought to be advocating elsewhere.” …”

True.  Now, how exactly are you going to stand up for 2A rights?

“… While some of her GOP colleagues say they will be vociferous in exposing what they see as flaws in Democratic legislation, Little said she is “not the boat-rocking type” and will likely take a more moderate approach to working out differences over the agenda as it emerges …”

Little is fucking useless.

This is exactly why the Republicans lost.  They do not challenge the basic premise of the Democrat agenda.  She has learned nothing from the last election, nor from those in years past.  The more Republicans act like Democrats the less Republicans get elected.

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