Next session’s gun control agenda

This press release by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie spells out (part) of next session’s gun control agenda:

“… Communities across our state and our country are slowly being torn apart by gun violence. It seems like we cannot go a week without hearing about a shooting at a school, a yoga studio or a place of worship. New York has always been a national model for sensible gun laws, and I look forward to working with our partners in the Senate to take up that mantle once again by requiring comprehensive background checks, banning bump stocks and keeping guns out of the hands of those proven to be a risk to others …”

What Governor Cuomo wants:

“… Cuomo said he also wants to make gun safety one of his legacies. He supports passage of the so-called Flag bill, which would allow a teacher or a family member to petition the court to have weapons confiscated from a person who may be dangerous or emotionally disturbed …”

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2 thoughts on “Next session’s gun control agenda

  1. Hopefully NYSPRA is ready to get this nonsense with the SAFE ACT to SCOTUS soon.

    That’s if they will take it. They didn’t take the last gun case and this is with Brett, that is somewhat strange.

  2. Do not count on SCOTUS rulings. The state legislature can rewrite any law struck down so that it effectively does the same thing as the stricken one.

    The only long term solution is for NRA (and it has to be them) is to become involved in Democrat politics and elections.

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