Wofford is the best choice

GOP Attorney General Candidate Keith Wofford is the best candidate for gun owners to get behind in a statewide race this year.  There’s a few reasons I say this.

First, as the Daily News reports he has access to money:

“In the battle for state attorney general, Republican Keith Wofford and Democrat Letitia James are neck-in-neck when it comes to campaign cash, new filings show. Wofford, a corporate lawyer and first-time candidate, reported late last week having a little more than $400,000 remaining while James has about $384,000. Wofford since mid July spent just under $1.4 million on his campaign, including $1.1 million toward a planned $3.25 million ad campaign … James, who unlike Wofford had to run in a primary, reported since her Sept. 23 post primary filing raising $320,294 and spending $210,379 —including $100,000 on TV ads …”

All serious candidates for public office must have access to adequate financial resources to run a creditable campaign.  Ideas mean nothing without a way to implement them and implementation usually requires cash.

Second, while still behind in the polls it doesn’t look as bad as the gubernatorial race:

“… James holds a 14-point lead, 50-36 percent, over Wofford. Both candidates do well with voters of their own party … She leads by seven points in the downstate suburbs and Wofford leads by seven points upstate …”

14 points is a lot, but both candidates are largely unknown by the public.  At this point anyone who does not think Andrew Cuomo is an asshole will never be convinced to vote for his opponent.

As to Wofford’s position on guns, that is still unknown.  Given that James’ made her intentions clear, his 2A views are secondary to his ability to run a competitive race.

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