Guess who’s back, back again …

Mayor Bloomberg is back.

Politico reports:

Everytown for Gun Safety, the pro-gun control group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is rolling out a $5 million digital ad campaign targeting 15 House races, as the group continues heavy investment in the midterm elections … The group is also going after seven open, Republican-controlled seats representing districts that include suburbs in metro areas from Seattle to New York City …”

Who are they targeting?  According to Slate:

“… All 15 of its targets are on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” list, districts with strong Democratic candidates with potential to defeat the incumbent Republican or keep their seats in a contentious race …”

That gives us this list:

A few thoughts:

First, this isn’t a grassroots effort.  It’s just Mayor Mike funneling his cash through Everytown.  More astroturf.

Second, this is just plain lazy.  I know from experience that surveying candidates and trying to figure out where to put resources is a big effort that takes a long prep time.  Everytown clearly didn’t do any of that if they admit to using DCC’s list.

Third, they are targeting antigun Republican Dan Donovan in CD-11.  Giving the finger to your supporters is not smart.

Fourth, in CD-19 Delgado is largely avoiding gun control with only a vague statement about treating “gun violence” as a public health issue on his campaign website.  With it being a 4-way race the campaign does not seem to believe going hard for gun control would be good for them.

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