Think like the Dems

Senate hearings on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS have begun.

It’s been every bit the shitshow I thought it would be.

One of the Democrats, possibly DiFi, brought in one of the Parkland parents and, in an attempt to embarrass Kavanaugh, offered to shake his hand in front of the cameras.  The published picture shows Kavanaugh just looking at the outstretched hand and the antigunners, including asshat Chris Cuomo, are claiming he turned away without acknowledging him.  However, video clearly shows that security intervened and moved him away.  Neither the antis nor their political and media allies are interested in the truth so the fact that they would try and pull this sort of stunt is not a surprise.

Republicans should have expected it and planned their own handshake.  Defensive gun use far exceeds that of criminal misuse.  Why weren’t there a dozen defensive gun users in the audience?  Republicans and the NRA need to start thinking like the Democrats to better control the narrative.

2 Responses to “Think like the Dems”

  1. Mark-1 Says:

    Never waste a Crisis. Obviously Kavanaugh instructed by security to walk away. It’s difficult to fathom the length Left will go.

    Compare this Kavanaugh Hearing to Obama’s SCOTUS appointess. I don’t recall any such antics from the Rights.

  2. admin Says:

    That’s because the Right has a sense of decorum. The Left plays off of that make the Right look bad while advancing their own agenda.

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