Brett Kavanaugh

Trump has nominated D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as his choice for SCOTUS.

He appears solid on gun rights as the L.A. Times reports:

“… [Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh] will move the high court to the right on … gun rights … Kavanaugh appears to support broader gun rights under the 2nd Amendment. In 2011, he filed a 52-page dissent when the appeals court, by a 2-1 vote, upheld a District of Columbia ordinance that prohibited semiautomatic rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds … But Kavanaugh said the ban on semiautomatic rifles was unconstitutional because the weapons are in common use in this country. “As one who was born here, grew up in this community in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and has lived and worked in this area almost all of his life, I am acutely aware of the gun, drug and gang violence that has plagued all of us…. But our task is to apply the Constitution and the precedents of the Supreme Court, regardless of whether the result is one we agree with as a matter of first principles or policy,” he wrote …”

Antigunners are not happy:

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo, who had already been attacking Republicans over his “red flag” proposal, started attacking them over abortion:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a gaggle with reporters on Monday in Brooklyn said he plans to call out individual Republicans in the state Senate over the issue of abortion rights in New York. “I’m going to call them all out by name — all out by name,” Cuomo said. Cuomo’s targeting of individual GOP lawmakers is part of a years-long break for him and the Senate Republican conference. The relationship was once a productive one for the governor and the GOP lawmakers who controlled the chamber …”

This relationship was doomed from the start as Republicans never brought anything to the table except themselves. If Judge Kavanaugh is what finally puts an end to Republican “control” of the Senate so be it.

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  1. Em Says:

    The assertion that Justice Scalia favored AWB is an ABSOLUTE FALSEHOOD!! His position was ABSOLUTELY CLEAR in a dissent against denial of cert in Friedman vs. Highland Park. Whether this is ignorance or malicious lie.. With leftists, I go with malicious lie every time.

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