Vote for the Homo, Not the Cuomo

In response to the Governor’s “suggestion” banks evaluate doing business with the NRA, the Association filed a lawsuit in WNY challenging the directive:

“The National Rifle Association on Friday sued New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s financial regulator for engaging in what it said was a “blacklisting campaign” aimed at swaying banks and insurers to stop doing business with the gun advocacy group …”

Whether or not the lawsuit has any merits, neither Governor Cuomo nor the legislature takes things like this seriously.  They go on all the time.  Politicians are not personally liable for defending the suit and such actions have little to no impact on re-election campaigns.

If the NRA wants to hurt Cuomo back, they ought to do a Vote for the Homo, Not the Cuomo GOTV effort for the Democrat primary.  It does not matter that Cynthia Nixon is not pro-gun. The fire-mission should be defined as knocking out the incumbent and nothing more.

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