Moms in Albany

Antigun astroturf in Albany today pushing A-8976B/S-7133A.

4 Responses to “Moms in Albany”

  1. Em Says:

    I just heard that CITI Group has taken a position against 2A. I will be getting another credit card and returning my 2 from them in 4 pieces with a strongly worded letter. Please inform our members of Citi Group’s unfortunate decision.

  2. admin Says:

  3. Em Says:

    This is on NRA ILA also. Its also YOUTUBE….. There appears to be a deep state big money leftist private sector too. These companies / CEOs are being pressured. I firmly believe Justice Roberts was “pressured” a while back. There is no place where their tentacles don’t reach. And now they are organized and focused more than I ever remember. Pretty scary Jacob!

  4. Em Says:

    The Repubs control everything and are still afraid of them. The universities resemble the ones in Nazi Germany where there is political enforcement by organized thug violence. Its unbelievable. God forbid they take over the govt again, and at some point they will. Its all up for 2A at that point, and that may not be the worst of it!

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