Intimidation and jello

According to the Daily News:

“Nearly a month after the Parkland, Fla., school mass shooting, Gov. Cuomo is set to kick off a gun-control campaign touting his work on the issue and targeting seven New York congressional Republicans. The six-figure campaign, which kicks off this week, will include a mix of television and digital ads and an online petition effort organizers say is meant to galvanize grassroots support …”

Baloney.  Gun control does not have grassroots, only astroturf.

This is Cuomo’s attempt to intimidate Congressional Republicans.  It’s not an inherently bad idea on his part considering the backbones of local Republicans have the structural integrity of warm jello when confronted by loudmouth leftists.  If these guys are smart (and for most that’s doubtful) the targeted Republicans will turn this attack on them around and use it to fundraiser off of.

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