They’re not serious

Some political theater today in Albany:

“The state Senate’s Democratic Conference fell short in an attempt Wednesday to force a vote in their chamber on a series of gun-safety bills intended to augment the 2013 SAFE Act … [Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins]  and 20 members of her conference subsequently entered the Senate chamber and began pushing their legislation on the floor in a series of what are known as hostile amendments – attaching their legislation to an unrelated bill on organ donations. But when the Democrats asked for a vote by a show of hands, however, they fell short — even with eight votes of support from members of the Independent Democratic Conference — as Republicans in control of the chamber declined to support the measures …”

I knew this was coming.  I also knew it was going to fail because the Governor wasn’t behind it:

If Cuomo gets behind one or more of the bills the Republican Senators will cave.

One Response to “They’re not serious”

  1. Em Says:

    The more they turn on us, the more we must dig in and resist. I WILL NO LONGER BUY ANYTHING AT DICKS, FIELD AND STREAM, or any of the scumbags that sold us out! And if Trump wants to sell us out, FUCK HIM TOO. He has calculated, as did Jack Martins…. That we have nowhere else to go. I just informed Elaine Phillips (Martins replacement), that while u can fuck us, we can fuck you right back. If you are of no use, then I can leave both boxes on the ballot unchecked as I have. Jack Martins political career is a smoking hole in the ground.

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