Beating Cuomo?

Pundit Alan Chartock was in love with Mario Cuomo, so much so that if given the opportunity back in the day I believe he would have married him.

That love has not passed on to his offspring Andrew, but Chartock still has a bias towards Junior which is evident in his latest op-ed, “Beating Cuomo? It could happen“:

“Knowing a little bit about Andrew Cuomo, I address the question of whether he could possibly lose the 2018 election. Despite the odds being against it, there are some who believe he could lose …”

I agree.

“… In the “It’s impossible for him to lose” corner, consider the following: Fact: 2018 is going to be a landslide Democratic year. Republicans are going to be thrown out on their behinds …”

I don’t believe that. The tax cut Congress passed is huge and will have a major positive effect on the country before the elections.  It’s already helping people on Long Island.

“… Fact: Andrew Cuomo has at least $26 million dollars (and probably a lot more) in his campaign account and his toney Hollywood and sports friends are throwing big bucks events for him …”


“… Fact: Andrew’s last name is Cuomo and in New York City where the Democrats are, that name is gold …”

Not exactly. A lot of Democrats hate him.

“… Fact: his brother Chris, who looks and even sounds a bit like him, is on TV all the time, beating up those nasty Republicans on an almost daily basis …”


“… Fact: the list of Republican contenders is so weak that it gives new meaning to the word “pathetic.” …”


“… Fact: Donald Trump is so despised in the state of New York that all Andrew has to do is to tie his opponent to Trump and New York voters will respond with vigor …”

Not exactly.  Trump won most counties outside NYC.

“… In the “On the other hand, Andrew does have a lot to worry about” corner, consider this: Fact: his closest associates are on trial for wholesale wrongdoing …”

True, but irrelevant given that New York leads the nation in corrupt public officials.

“… Fact: when he first won office, Cuomo came on as a bit of a conservative …”

By that Chartock means Cuomo governed to the right of Bernie Sanders.

“… Fact: liberals throughout New York state have had it out for Cuomo for his center right policies …”

Not exactly.  They’ve had it out for him because his left of center policies do not go far enough.  Plus, he’s not embraced the mainline Senate Democrat caucus because he correctly recognizes them as clowns.

“… Fact: the New York City subways are a mess and no matter how much Cuomo tries to put the blame for that on Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo himself made it clear that the subway mess was his own fault …”

That is actually unfair to the Governor.  The MTA has been a mess for decades.

“… He could lose in a primary and he could lose in a general election, just like his father did …”

True, however, it would require two things to happen. First, the GOP would have to get their act together and I’ve seen no signs of that. Second, the Democrats would have to unite in their efforts to boot him. I’ve seen no signs of that either.

One Response to “Beating Cuomo?”

  1. Chas Says:

    Will $26 million dollars worth of Andy Cuomo shoving his face in front of people make them want to vote for him more, or less? I think less.

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