Two more names

Two more names have come up as possible challengers for Governor Cuomo next year.

First is Democrat Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner:

“… [Stephanie Miner], who is term-limited out of her current office at the end of the year, said she’s been approached by different people about running for governor, Congress or state Senate. “I’m taking everybody’s phone calls,” she said. The inquiries to run against Cuomo as a progressive alternative have come from a mix of the “professional left, some advocates, consultants and just the public in general,” Miner said …”

I believe she would be a stronger challenger to Cuomo than Terry Gipson would be.

Next is Republican Senator John DeFrancisco:

“… [Senator John DeFrancisco], said in an interview Friday that he began traveling around the state to attend Republican events and float his name as a potential gubernatorial candidate … “I think it’s just prudent to go around and see what level of support there is,” he said. “And if there is, then I’ll seriously consider it.” …”

His level of supports peaks at about the same as a generic Anybody But Cuomo candidate.

“… DeFrancisco said he was “instrumental” in helping [George] Pataki in central New York …”

I would not bring this up in an interview.

“… “Quite frankly, the rallying cry was not a great movement for George Pataki but the rallying cry was ‘Anybody but Cuomo,'” DeFrancisco recalled. “I just think that’s the same situation we’re in now …””

That’s the way he’s selling himself?  That is just as bad as the Democrat’s, I mean, have you seen the other guys?

People want to vote for someone, not just against an incumbent.  Does DeFrancisco seriously believe this is going to motivate people to get behind him?

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