Bills stuck in Codes

All these bad bills failed to make it out of Assembly Codes today:

  • A-3477, Increases the types of firearms that are to be included in the firearm ballistic identification database.
  • A-4431, Requires defendant’s full cooperation with any law enforcement officer or district attorney who is investigating or prosecuting unlawful gun trafficking.
  • A-5272, Prohibits the attendance of children under eighteen years of age at gun shows or stores by classifying such attendance as unlawfully dealing with a child.
  • A-5368, Makes it illegal to sell component parts of a pistol or firearm to any person who does not possess a valid pistol permit.
  • A-5695, Enacts provisions relating to the trafficking of weapons and for the firearm, rifle and shotgun ballistic identification bank.

In the past 18-19 years I’ve been following gun legislation this I cannot recall ever seeing an antigun bill that was put on the Assembly Codes agenda fail to be moved out of Codes at that time.

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