Carry Guard and the Ortiz insurance bill

The NRA has introduced the NRA Carry Guard training and insurance program.  The insurance is designed to help policy holders recover their legal costs should they be involved in a justifiable shooting.  USCCA has offered a similar program for years, but as NRA has a higher profile, the issue is getting more attention than it has before.

That might not be a good thing for us.

For years Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced legislation requiring gun owners carry liability insurance.  The current bill is A-2260.  It has never gone anywhere, partially because it would require covering illegal actions and no company would insure against those.  It’s main purpose, however, was to increase the cost of gun ownership.

In light of Carry Guard, I can see Ortiz or another legislator introducing a new bill requiring something like that citing the NRA in the memorandum of support.

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    […] And now you have the NRA saying that liability insurance for gun owners is a good thing. And anti-gun politicians have been trying to make that required by law for a while. […]

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