Funding for the SAFE Act

Every year since it’s passage, a group of people, egged on by some Republican legislators, bring up defunding SAFE Act enforcement in the state budget.

While that tactic might work in Congress, New York state does not operate that way.  All bills originate in the legislature except for the state budget which comes from the Governor.  The legislature can make some adjustments to spending amounts, but ultimately the Governor decides how appropriated funds are spent.

It’s tiresome going over this same crap over and over.  Fortunately, I no longer have to thanks to the Empire Center.  See their excellent article, “Defund push misfires.”

2 Responses to “Funding for the SAFE Act”

  1. Mert Melfa Says:

    When republican senators vote for Safe Act Funding in the budget, they own that vote. Quit whitewashing and protecting their lack of commitment to the 2A and their constitutional oaths.

  2. admin Says:

    I’m doing no such thing. As the article clearly points out:

    “… There’s no reason to believe these items aren’t related to the SAFE Act—but taking them away won’t do anything to stop the executive branch from enforcing the law … the simple truth is there’s no way to actually “defund” a duly enacted law such as the SAFE Act. Even if both measures identified by DiPietro were removed, nothing would stop the governor from using, say, the $214 million requested by the state police for “criminal activities investigation” for SAFE Act implementation and enforcement …”

    You’re not even trying to argue this point.

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