I have said before if the Senate Democrats put their egos aside, they would control the upper chamber and that would be the end of the Republicans. With Trump in office there is increasing pressure for the mainline Democrats and IDC to kiss and make up:

“… Members of the rogue Independent Democratic Conference in the New York State Senate are finally feeling the heat for cozying up to Republicans, as heightened awareness of the fragility of progressive policy gains has New Yorkers demanding bold action from local legislators … Since it first formed in 2010, the IDC has been the object of enormous frustration for mainline Democrats, who have consistently argued that it has only bolstered the power of what has long been a narrow Republican majority in the Senate …”

This is true.

It’s also true that enough Democrats including Governor Cuomo want it this way because the mainline conference is full of clowns.

Diane Savino says if the Democrats want unity they need real leadership:

“… “If the Democrats really wanted to unite the Senate Democratic Conference they would make Jeff Klein the chair,” said Savino, one of the IDC founding members.. “He is the only one who knows how to raise money, has chips to negotiate with the Assembly, Senate and the governor, has the legislative track record that rivals anybody in public office, and knows how to protect marginal members and win races. Over and over city members felt that city issues were more important and put the rural and suburban members at risk … They [Senate Democratic Conference] are dismissive of areas even in the city like Staten Island where I come from. They make like we should be cut off and float away to the sea. And they’re that way to South Brooklyn, too,” she added …”

This is true.

It’s also true that Klein & Company are almost as bad as the mainline Democrats in this regard pushing gun control crap like microstamping, then the SAFE Act, which are wildly unpopular outside the City and have negligible real support in the City.

This bears watching to see if something like reciprocity becoming law pushes the state Democrats together.

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3 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. At this point, I do not believe that there is an anti 2A law that the courts will strike down, especially the 2nd circuit. As such, this will be a catastrophe. And yes, Jeff Klein is a full out radical anti.

  2. The IDC may break apart faster than we thought. NY “sanctuary state” passed in the assembly will create tremendous tension in the senate IDC.

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