Realistic expectations

There is a good article at The Resurgent, “Trump Will Disappoint Everyone.”

Excerpt from the gun stuff:

“… Trump got an early endorsement from the NRA and is widely seen as a friend to gun owners. But in reality, it’s not a terribly high priority for him … Speeding up background checks, holding the line on awful “no fly no buy” laws, and generally supporting self-defense use of firearms is about the best we can hope for, and most of that is through the courts and congress. It’s not going to be a high priority–but hooray: it’s not Hillary …”

I can see Trump signing the reciprocity bill as payback for the endorsement, but that will require him and Mitch McConnell standing up to Chuck Schumer.  I don’t see him going all out for suppressors  and definitely not attacking the Hughes Amendment.

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6 thoughts on “Realistic expectations

  1. Yes, THANK GOD NOT HILLARY! But what we really need is the court to be fixed. And that means not just Justice Scalia’s position, but knocking off a couple of scumbags, and maybe even a better replacement for Kennedy (Roberts not a big friend anymore either but I don’t see getting rid of him). That is what NY in particular needs given our terrible situation. Unfortunately, Obama packed the rest of the courts with his crony scumbags, and I don’t see that being fixed. (BTW – GOD FORBIT THEY GO BACK NOW AND FIX THEIR NOT ENOUGH CHEATING WITH MORE CHEATING TO MAKE HER WIN. THAT WILL BE SOME FUCKING SHOW IF THEY DO!!!)

  2. By the way, what would reciprocity do for us? (other than give Schumer a shit hemmorage which would be great in and of itself).

  3. And if somebody came to NY packing, and used it to save a group of nuns from a “super predator scumbag on a crack induced murder rampage” I would still not want to be in his/her shoes with a POS AG like Schneiderman.

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